Film Noir

George Nader ActorGeorge Nader featured in many film noir cinemas. He did not shy away from the grueling task at hand to act in these movies. Also, he did not let his ego interfere with his work as most of these movies were female centric.

Film Noir is basically a term coined for all those movies which were made to enhance sexual motivations and cynical attitudes. It was a term used for a Hollywood movies made between the early 40s to the late 50s.

George Nader acted in movies like ‘Appointment with a shadow’, ‘The Unguarded Moment’, and ‘Nowhere to Go’ among others.

In an ‘Appointment with a shadow’ George Nader starred opposite to Joanne Moore with Brianne Keith and Virginia Field. In this movie Nader’s character plays a drunken reporter who has ruined his career because of alcohol. The movie was based on a magazine story and was initially termed as something else altogether. The beauty of this movie was its cinemascope and the fact that it was a crime film.

George Nader played the part of lieutenant in ‘The Unguarded Moment’. Another beautifully shot Technicolor thriller, this movie inspired many other film noir cinemas. George Nader has a meaty role in this flick and he does not disappoint his fans. There are a number of scenes in which his brawny personality comes to the forefront as well as his sensitivity towards women.

‘Nowhere to Go’ is among the most brilliant performances delivered by George Nader. Nader even received a standing ovation for this movie at the 1st Annual Palm Springs Film Festival in 2001. George Nader starred against a very young Maggie Smith and performed to the best of his capabilities.

There were many other film noir movies made featuring George Nader. However, these are amongst his most stellar performances.