German Movies

George Nader MoviesGeorge Nader is amongst the very few Hollywood actors of old cinema who not only made a name for himself in America but also became famous overseas. George Nader starred in a series of German and European movies. Because of his ancestral history, Nader was fluent with many languages. He did all his voice overs himself.

When Nader was picked up by Universal, little did he know that he would be a second fiddle to the other famous actors? However, he never let his resentment show or come to the forefront. He performed all his roles whether starring or supporting with full vigor and passion. Unfortunately, a tabloid called ‘Confidential’ threatened to falsely expose him in a homosexual scandal.

This is how George Nader found himself overseas with a huge task to make a name for him in an unfamiliar country. Luckily for him he bagged the role as ‘Jerry Cotton’. Jerry Cotton was an FBI operator who was tasked with saving American secrets and soil. George Nader became an instant hit in West Germany and from there his fame grew.

He acted in a series of Jerry Cotton movies such as Schüsse aus dem Geigengasten, ‘Manhattan Night of Murder’, ‘The Trap Snaps Shut at Midnight’, ‘Die Rechnung – eiskalt serviert’, ‘Der Mörderclub von Brooklyn’, ‘Dynamit in grüner Seide’, ‘Tod im Roten Jaguar’, and ‘Todesschüsse am Broadway’ among others.

There were other European movies in which he featured such as ‘Radhapura – Endstation der Verdammten’ and ‘The Million Eyes of Sumuru’. George Nader was usually offered roles in which he had to fill out a uniform. This was primarily due to his 6’1” build and strong masculine frame.

Nader kept his good looks and beefcake body till the very end of his career when he could no longer act because of a car crash.