George Nader ArtistAfter George Nader had to quit acting because of a car crash, he shifted to writing. Nader was a talented star and a very creative person. Once he knew that he cannot act, he shifted towards writing. All his books have a homosexual underline. This was primarily because George Nader himself was a homosexual.

Nader met his partner Mark Miller on the sets of the ‘Pasadena Playhouse Theatre’ in early 40s. He knew Miller was the one for him and through the years he clung on to Miller. Even when times were very bad Miller and Nader never separated. In an era when homosexuality was not just frowned upon but blatantly disregarded, Nader and Miller ensured that they stayed together.

This love was the basis of George Nader’s first book, ‘Chrome’. Even today Chrome is a best-seller and has 3.6 rating on Goodreads. The story of Chrome survived through the decades only because it is among the few erotic literatures written around same sex love between men. There are a plethora of novels written around lesbian love, but not many catering to the needs of homosexual men.

Chrome has undergone 6 publications since the day it was first written. It is a sci-fi novel which was originally written as a screenplay but later changed to a novel. George Nader loved science fiction. In fact, his first breakthrough movie ‘Robot Monster’ was a 3D science fiction.

Chrome was not the only book which George Nader wrote. With his partner Miller, Nader wrote another book called ‘The Perils of Paul’. The book was a collection real life episode which both Nader and Miller faced in Hollywood regarding sexuality. The book was primarily focused on homosexuality and how Hollywood avoids it.

George Nader was an even more fantastic author than he was an actor. His books are truly worth a read.